Red, Mid-August, Cordaviva at the Bullitt Cabaret by Charles Leggett

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Narrated by Charles Leggett

Red, Mid-August, Cordaviva at the Bullitt Cabaret by Charles Leggett
Illustration by Sue Babcock

Here is sweet and piercing regret. Uncluttered

and unfettered Eros commended through a

reddened gauze of art. An embodiment of

what one has longed for,


failed in, given up on. A man is dancing

in his wheelchair! Gleaming of shoes beneath a

saxophone. The woodsmoke of bourbon held too

long before swallowed.


Bassist’s cruel sideburns that frame his callous

grimace. Shoulders quivering in an off-red

dress: and down her backside, an undulating

softness invoking


choices poor as those that can call out Death, Void,

clenched Illusion, standards of vain perfection.

Off-red not of blood or tomato, rose: this

palette was mixed by


humankind, cool, letting what moves beneath it

fan the flames. She is what this music does, yet

sways with devastating humility that

not only serves to


fit its grace upon her persona but to

fix one’s gaze with all the more pleonexic

ardor on the billowing bareness of that

alien ombre.


BIO: Charles Leggett is a professional actor based in Seattle, WA. Recent publications include SCARLET LEAF REVIEW (Toronto, Canada), FRIGG MAGAZINE, GRAZE, LATCHKEY TALES, FORM QUARTERLY, FIREWORDS (United Kingdom), SOUTHWORD JOURNAL (Munster Literature Centre, Cork City, Ireland), and PUNCHNEL’S. Others include THE LYRIC and MEASURE: A REVIEW OF FORMAL POETRY; his long poem “Premature Tombeau for John Ashbery” was an e-chapbook in the Barnwood Press “Great Find” series.