Our Staff

Publisher and Managing Editor: Sue Babcock spent years in graduate school, earning a MS in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Engineering, while raising two daughters with the help of a very understanding husband. For decades she researched, constructed, supervised and wrote (dry, technical) reports. Now mostly retired, she delights in writing short stories, especially stories of dark fantasy and human failings, and occasionally manages to get published. She's also an editor at Silver Blade, our sister fantasy magazine.

Fiction Editor: Kevin Wallis fully intends to enslave the world through cryptic messages hidden within the stories of Liquid Imagination, just as soon as he changes his son's poop diaper, finishes his two daughters' homeschool lessons, and rubs his wife's feet for awhile. After that though, it's enslaving time.
Poetry Editor: Chrissy Davis lives in California with her husband, 3 beautiful daughters and their various neurotic pets. She is the author of Raven's Brew, her first volume of poetry. She is currently writing her second volume. She works full time for a telecommunications company but in her spare time she is reading or writing poetry. She has been published in various publications and websites. She is part of With Our Words (WOW), an organization for the youth in the Central Valley that helps them learn to express themselves through poetry and writing. Chrissy also runs a poetry group at a local bookstore and is honored to be a part of Liquid Imagination as the poetry editor. To learn more, visit Raven's Brew
Flash Editor: Brandon L. Rucker Brandon L. Rucker lives in his home state of Indiana with his three daughters, a wife, two annoying cats, and a nice assortment of guitars. He has been a musician for over twenty years (half of that spent performing in local bands) and has published music all over the web (just Google him). He is also a writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, with recent poems featured in the anthologies Static Movement Print Special No. 2 and Dreams and Screams. When he's not writing songs and stories in his precious spare time, the rest of his time is spent in the role of family man on the reality television show he knows to be his life. More of his music can be heard on his label page at: I Rock Recordings    (return to Issue 5)

Voice of Fiction: Robert C. Eccles
is a radio news reporter and anchor who enjoys writing short horror and sci-fi stories.   (return to Issue 5)

Artist: Jack S. Rogers
takes something existing, like seashells, macaroni and even burned toast, and uses it to create the colors and textures of what he need. His art isn't based on the art or pictures he finds, but instead he creates what he already sees within his mind by finding what fits within the image he already has... much like shattering colored ceramic tiles and using the shards to create mosaics, except his mosaics are far more controlled. He simply releases shapes and uses them to create what he sees in his own mind. Visit my art on Xanga.com    (return to Issue 5)